Initiatives of diffusion with children. Photo by Stefano Fabian

Initiatives of diffusion with children. Photo by Stefano Fabian

The project activities concerning diffusion are the following:


Regions, Provinces, Municipalities are, today, increasingly committed to communicating what is carried out by the Public Administration to the outside world. 

The initiatives for the enhancement of the territory, especially when they are supported by European Union funds, must always also be accompanied by adequate information to citizens. A fundamental pillar of the LIFE Magredi Grasslands Project has been that of information and dissemination to the population. This allowed us to bring to the fore the concepts underlying the European biodiversity conservation strategies.

The release of information about the project has led citizens and, in particular, young people, to understand the meaning of the value of the Natura 2000 Sites, the aims of the LIFE Programme and the specific objectives for the restoration and management of the magredi habitats.




As part of the awareness initiatives, a fundamental role was played by the environmental education activities for schools. These have not only contributed to the creation of greater awareness of the citizens of tomorrow with respect to the issue of biodiversity, the protection of threatened ecosystems and the magredi, but have, through the students, made it possible to extend the involvement in these issues also to their families.
The Environmental Education Project, entitled This Year at School we Promote the Magredi, was held within the LIFE project during the school year 2013-2014,
The initiative was born with the specific purpose of offering children and youngsters, in primary and middle schools, a useful tool to stimulate their curiosity and interest in the magredi and to make them understand their value and ecological meaning.
The educational path was structured in several stages that included a certain amount of time to be dedicated to training teachers, classroom activities addressed to the students in order to give an initial illustration of the themes and contents of the project and an entire series of practical laboratory activities carried out inside and outside the school. The educational path ended with a guided visit to the Sites of Community Importance, object of the restoration interventions within the LIFE Project. The educational path ended with a guided visit to the Sites of Community Importance, object of the restoration operations within the LIFE Project. The publication "This Year at School we Promote the magredi!" was distributed to the teachers and classes that took part in the initiative, it contained some educational cards preparatory to the training sessions to be held in the classroom and outdoors.




The classes that took part in the school project "This Year at School We Are Promoting the magredi!" were also able to participate in the competition entitled "Getting to Know the magredi to Preserve them" that took place in the following school year (2014-2015). A specific commission assessed the work and rewarded those deemed to be the best on the basis of the topic assigned.




This website, dedicated to the LIFE Magredi Grassland Project, has been obtained by extending the project dedicated to the "Magredi di Pordenone", already prepared during the participation process aimed at engaging the population and stakeholders in the drafting of the relative Management Plans. This has made it possible for us to give continuity to the initiatives undertaken so far, to create a single regional portal dedicated to the magredi and to allow, anyone who so wishes, to follow the various stages of the LIFE Project. The translation into English gives a European breath to the project itself, favoring the points of contact with similar situations within the EU and widespread dissemination of the technical contents and results achieved.




It often happens that people who are, for various reasons, within a protected natural area are not always aware of its value and do not know which is the best behavior to adopt. Even when a site is visited for cultural or hiking purposes by more motivated and informed people, they do not always find the information they expect. For these reasons and to give the LIFE Project proper visibility, information boards have been placed along the boundaries of the four SCIs that have been restored, giving an account of the activities undertaken, highlighting the main goals and results achieved as well as the current regulations and the prohibitions within the protected natural areas.




Among the other awareness-raising and dissemination initiatives carried out, there were numerous information actions and guided visits for children, young people and adults.
In addition, a leaflet was created and workshops were organized to publicize the incentives and indemnities created to support farmers in the ordinary and extraordinary management of grasslands and pastures and to compensate for the protective restrictions deriving from the Law on permanent grasslands.
Two documentaries have also been made: one is dedicated to the LIFE Project, broadcasted on Rai tre (national TV network) in the Geo & Geo programme; the other documentary, in collaboration with the School in Cavasso Nuovo, explains the importance of the magredi and the historical transformations of this extraordinary environment told by mouth of the elderly interviewed by the children. Both DVD boxes are distributed, at request of the interested parties, by the Biodiversity Department.
Finally, the conference for the presentation of the final results held in Udine on 17th May 2019 illustrated the many conservation objectives achieved by the LIFE Project and the many initiatives and promotional materials produced, including a specific manual dedicated to the conservation and restoration of the dry grasslands.


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  3. management plans adoption
  4. seed harvesting
  5. uncultivated restoration
  6. scrub clearing and deforestation
  7. orchids propagation
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